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Liquid Colorants

• Colours the thermoplastics homogeneously
Dispersion of SMART LC&A are excellent. Each pigment and additive agglomerate is perfectly dispersed in its media.

• No need to keep stock for each Polymer
SMART LC&A are compatible with many thermoplastic polymers.

• Easy processing
Gives the process relief and drops partially the pressure values during processing. Skin problems on the end product are highly eliminated (shark skin, fluctuation etc)

• Reduces Die build up
SMART LC&A reduces the COF between melted polymer / metal surface and reduces die build up phenomena.

• No pre-drying required
SMART LC&A are based on liquid polymer which doesn’t need pre – drying.

• SMART LC&A do not have heat histories
Colorants like Masterbatches have heat histories. Even twice or more extrusion is performed during Masterbatch productions. Pigments and their carrier polymers are exposed to heat up to 3000C. Degradation is unavoidable. This causes also losses on mechanical properties of the end product. SMART LC&A don’t have any heat history.

• Easy cleaning
SMART LC&A are very easy to clean from any kind of surface.

• No density adjustments and problems
SMART LC&A are fed directly from the hopper through a pump hose. No dusting, density or particle size / shape problems are in question.

• SMART LC&A are miscible in each other
In order to save time and be flexible, SMART LC&A are possible to create your own color range. This provides also less stock, quick in-house colour matching without any additional equipment like extruder, mixer etc.

• SMART LC&A makes possible to use more regenerated plastic
Regenerated Plastics have lower mechanical properties due to photo and thermal degradations. This limits the addition level of the regenerated material into virgin material. Addition of SMART LC&A makes possible to increase the regenerated polymer and decreases the cost of the end product.

• SMART LC&A are more glossy on surface
It gives more glossy and shiny result on the appearance.

• SMART LC&A makes mold release easier
It prevents the parts sticking to the mold and helps to release easier.

• SMART LC&A have standard colour range
Please ask for catalogues for standard ranges.

• BioSmart LC&A are biodegradable
Ecological concerns are increasing every day. Our BioSmart product range is biodegradable according to EN 13432 and passes OECD Tests for ready biodegradability. They can be used as colorants and additives for Biopolymers.

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