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Liquid Additives

Liquid Additives are functional materials obtained as a result of dispersing the additives and pigments with special designed polymers. Suitable polymers are designed according to the end plastics. Formulations are prepared according to the required standards.

• UV Stabilizers & Absorber
Additives are substances of HALS and UV absorber group of additives . They are prepared according to the need with various combinations of antioxidants. UV stabilizer or UV absorbers can be prepared also as combi-batches with colors.

• Anti-Oxidant & Stabilizers
Primary and secondary type of antioxidants are used. Special colored combi-batches are also prepared on demand.

• Anti-Static Additive
Static electricity problem occurs during processing or packaging. Liquid Anti-Static Additive is solving this problem by forming a thing antistatic layer on the product. Plastic parts are becoming less dust attractive.

• Anti-Fog Additive
Anti-fog additive is developed for PET products like sheets and bottles. It reduces the plastic surface tension and prevents formation of water droplets.Liquid Antifog Additive is used in food packaging, can be also prepared with color on demand.

• Slip Additive
It is mainly used to reduce the COFvalue during plastic production; injection moulding or extrusion. Our additive can be feeded at very low levels, it can be prepared as colored combi-batches too.

• Nucleation Enhancement Additive
The cycle time of the plastic parts produced drops by the addition of Nucleating agents. Enhancing nucleation of PPH makes the end product more transparent too. Our additive is fed at low levels and can be prepared according to the targeted productivity.

• Foaming Agent
Chemical blowing agents are used to produce micro pores as volume expanders in plastics. Our Blowing Agent Additives are used for injection and extrusion processes. They can be used in many type of plastics like PVC, PS, Polycarbonate, EVA, PP. Please contact our company for more detailed information.

• Mold Release Additives
Is a contribution to the problem of separation from the mold of plastic items. It can be used instead of silicone release agents. It ensures for transparent parts that the formation of stains left by the silicone mold release agents does not occure . Printing ink adhesion is not affected. Please contact our company for further information.

• Processing Aid Additives
Decreases the pressure of the process and allows to increase the productivity. Liquid Processing Aid allows to minimize the die-buildup formation and products obtained are more transparent and shiny on the surfaces which is reflecting the light better. It also prevents formation of black spots. Please contact us for more information.

• Cling Liquid Masterbatches
Cling Liquid Masterbatches are used in Stretch packaging and adhesive films as adhesion promoter additive. The addition level of the additive depends on film thickness and the desired amount of adhesion. To get detailed information about the product, please contact us.

• Liquid Flame Retardant Masterbatch
This Flame Retardant for Polycarbonate does not contain halogen group. It does not impair the transparency and gives V0 polycarbonate feature at 1.8 mm part thickness. If required, it can be prepared as a flame retardant colored Combi-Batch. You can request detailed information from our company for specific applications.

• Acetaldehyde Scavenger Liquid Masterbatches
Acetaldehyde is formed during the production of PET food packaging which causes to mild fruit odor. A special Liquid AA scavenger formulation is developed and is used at very low rates, and offers an economical solution. The final products color is not affected by the AA scavenger, vibrancy and brightness are retained. Liquid AA scavenger catches 80% of the formed AA in PET. It allows more the use of regenerated PET, and is 100% compatible with colors.

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